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The purpose of the evaluation report and a comparison matrix is purely based on what cloud platform is to be selected based on the organization’s Manual and Automation Test requirements and Budget. The factors and criteria mostly considered for Time to Market, Cost Analysis, Faster Results, Automation Lab, on Premises, private cloud, effective and efficient test execution and more details about what are all offerings and benefits provided by different Vendors.

Disclaimer Note: The analysis and comparison are purely based on my opinion, I’m not entertained or paid to do the favor of anyone. Few of them entered as “Not Sure”, “don’t know” that need to be revised based on collected answers in the future. Always share your feedback if anything is missed or incorrect information, in this case, the below table needs to be changed accordingly based on feedback.




The above comparison may help to choose the right cloud provider based on the requirement. Each vendor provides the best of options to perform Manual and Automation Test capabilities for Desktop browser, Mobile browser, and Mobile App Test. The cloud platform selection is purely based on organization requirements and budget.

Some real-time examples:

  1. “X” Company may opt-out either SauceLabs or Perfecto because their requirement is to run the desktop browser with different versions and different combinations.
  2. “Y” Company may opt-out either SauceLabs or Perfecto because their requirement is to perform each automation test cases run simultaneously or parallel on Desktop and Mobile browsers to save more execution time.
  3. “XX” Company may opt-out either Perfecto or PCloudy if their requirement is to have own cloud setup on-premises because they may have more mobile phones (or) Lab setup requirements.
  4. “YY” Company may opt-out “AWS Device Farm” because their application is deployed on AWS, so it’s easy to setup pipeline jobs or trigger from AWS environment (or) their requirement is only on Mobile App Test.
  5. “ZZ” Company may opt-out “Xamarin” because their application is developed using Microsoft Technology, so it’s easy to use Visual Studio App or Inbuild easy tool section in the cloud instead of choosing different vendors.
  6. “AA” Company may opt-out AWS Device Farm (or) Perfecto (or) PCloudy based on current tariff cost and organization budget.

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