The Nginx configuration is perfect but sometimes it doesn’t delegate requests to other servers, perhaps you are wondering why this issue occurs.

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For eg:

        listen 80 default_server;
        listen [::]:80 default_server;

        server_name domainname www.domainname;

        location / {

The issue could be the following reason:

  • Ensure HTTP and HTTPS ports enabled 80 and 443 in firewall as permanent
  • verify the Nginx configuration loads successfully by passing the command “sudo nginx -t”
  • execute command “getenforce” and verify it returns “Permissive”.
    • For a permanent solution supply the following command sed -i ‘s/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=permissive/g’ /etc/selinux/config

To know more about SELinux: refer to the link:

Stay tune for more blogs and troubshooting docs.

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