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This blog is mostly covered on how to install/configure Appium Desktop, and how to run mobile test in distributed environment using Selenium Grid.

Download and Install Appium Desktop Client

  1. Go to Appium GitHub page
  2. Download “appium-desktop-setup-X.X.X.exe” (X indicates latest version)
  3. Double click on exe and click on install button
  4. Finish the installation and launch Appium Desktop
  5. appiumDesktop
  6. The default port is 4723 and default host is
  7. Click on Advanced tab to configure more
  8. appium_advance
  9. Node Config File path: This field you can point json file with detail configuration like below snapshot.
  10. jsonconfig
  11. Remember the Server port and port in json config file must be same.

Setting up Selenium Grid Server

  1. Download Selenium Standalone Server from 
  2. Navigate to downloaded location and supply the command “java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.14.0.jar -role hub”
  3. The selenium server successfully get started

Selenium Hub and Client Configuration Setup

  1. Go back to Appium Desktop client and Start the Server
  2. Navigate to “http://localhost:4444/grid/console&#8221; and verify the connection gets established as mentioned below
  3. selenium_grid

How to identify DOM for Mobile Elements using Appium Desktop

  1. After started Appium Server in previous step, click on ‘New Session Window’
  2. Create a Desired Capabilities configuration based on your Mobile
  3. Add necessary field Name and its value, select appropriate data types like below snapshot
  4. deviceconfig
  5. Click ‘Start Session’
  6. The App gets Open on your connected devices and sync devices on Appium Desktop Client as below snapshot
  7. deviceDisplay
  8. This will help to inspect DOM to identify right element.

Congratulations! Installation and Setting up Appium Desktop Client and Integrating with Selenium Grid is success

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